Michelle Obama has always been an advocate for healthy living.  Even during her days as the First Lady, she promoted healthy living through different initiatives and school based programs. She recently took to Instagram to show that she is still maintaining her healthy lifestyle by hitting the gym for what she deems #SelfCareSundays.

Mrs. Obama posted a pic of her in mid squat holding onto a pilates ball as she showcased what it takes to keep a slamming figure at 55. She admitted that it doesn’t always feel good while she’s working out but it’s all worth it once her sweat sesh  is over.

“It doesn’t feel good in the moment, ” she wrote on Instagram. “But after the fact, I’m always glad I hit the gym.”

The former FLOTUS was dedicated to improving all aspects on healthy living while in office. Not only did she make the first changes to the nutrition label in 20 years, but she also worked with Walmart to lower the prices of their fruits. She also collaborated with Darden, who owns Red Lobster and Olive Garden, to make healthier kids menus.

Mrs. Obama also addressed child obesity by making school lunches healthier and promoting more physical activity among children with the Let’s Move! Initiative. Even though she isn’t in office anymore, she is continuing to show the importance of exercise and physical wellness.


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