INFIUSS, an online blood bank and digital supply chain platform, ensures that patients across 23 hospitals in Cameroon have life-saving blood when they need it.

Bime, only the second woman to win the prize, said of her win:

Today, I stand here to represent every young girl out there that just has her dreams. I stand here to represent this amazing group of entrepreneurs that I am a part of. With these people, the future of Africa is very bright. We are going to change this continent.

A shortlist of 20 was announced earlier in the month, out of which Bime was chosen.

18-year-old Alhaji Siraj Bah, founder of Rugsal Trading in Sierra Leone, a company that produces handcrafted paper bags as well as briquettes for cooking fuel, was the first runner-up and was awarded $15,000.

Joan Nalubega, the 21-year-old co-founder of Uganics, which produces mosquito-repellent soap to combat malaria in Uganda, was named the 2nd runner-up and was awarded $12,500.

The Anzisha Prize is a partnership between the African Leadership Academy and the Mastercard Foundation that rewards Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs.

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