Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, beamed as she arrived at a global summit for young leaders at the Royal Albert Hall in London tonight.

Wearing a vivid purple dress, Meghan emerged from chauffeur-driven royal limo and walked over to greet Ian McCullough, the president of the Royal Albert Hall, and One Young World’s managing director Ella Robertson, whom she kissed on each cheek.

Her appearance came after the Duke and Duchess gave a frank interview to ITV, in which the couple spoke about their struggles to cope with public life.

The One Young World Summit is a four-day forum for young leaders, bringing together 2,000 young people from over 190 countries around the world.

The Duchess has been involved with the organisation since 2014 when she attended its summit in Dublin and agreed to become a counsellor, acting as a role model and adviser for young people.

Meghan had used her role in the youth group to advocate for women’s rights and the role men can play in creating equality.

The Duchess, who is one of 70 counsellors appearing at this year’s  summit over the next 4 days, watched performers including Royal Ballet star Fernando Montano put on a show for 5,000 people in the concert hall.

They included 2,000 delegates, supporters, and partners.

There was a loud cheer of support when she was introduced as the last of 45 counsellors all called up on stage from the back of the hall to take their seats on stage.

Former actress Megan followed luminaries including philanthropist Sir Bob Geldof and singer Ellie Goulding, a close friend of Harry’s, up to the stage and was cheered and applauded on route.

On stage she sat clapping enthusiastically to the music during a flag-laying ceremony involving every nation’s flag and one to represent the world’s refugees.

Her arrival didn’t go quite to plan, as the police motorcade went the wrong way and had to turn around and come back in again to get her to the correct entrance.

One Young World’s mission is to create the next generation of more responsible and effective leaders

She is also Vice-President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, which is partnering with One Young World this year to bring 53 young leaders from across the Commonwealth to attend the summit in London.


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