Recognizing the difference between her neighbourhood and that of the well-off area, Olympia discovered wondered what made the difference and she later discovered it all came down to the “manner of thinking”. She always kept in mind the words of her mother, ”In order to change your circumstance, you have to get an education”. Despite failing Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Chemistry, in school, it took just some tutoring during a winter break to change her story. In the class in which she was the only student, she was able to pick her tutor’s brain and in the process of learning, she realized she was smart.

What is that which you expect of yourself? What are those plans or dreams you have for your future? Never let your present circumstance or situation define who and what you turn out to be. Push yourself to go over and beyond to become educated. Read books. Ask questions. Education opens you up and makes you aware of a whole new you and the numerous possibilities lined up in your future.



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