The stock exchange industry is widely regarded as a male-dominated industry with reports from a few women working in this field describing it as quite challenging; but for Lauren Simmons, who is definitely not accepting the stereotyped belief and has succeeded in breaking through by becoming the first and only female full-time trader at the New York stock exchange.

A graduate of Kennesaw State University, Lauren pursued a degree in genetics with a minor in statistics and went further to start a career in medicine until she realised it wasn’t her passion. Right from her high school days, she always felt a connection with numbers so she began searching for jobs in finance after interning at a local clinical treatment centre.

The one thing that I love about numbers and statistics, and kind of one of the reasons I came to the New York Stock Exchange, is because numbers are a universal language. When you put them on a board it connects everyone, which is probably one of the reasons why the New York Stock Exchange is so iconic. She said

Lauren who started the job last year March says she found her current position at Rosenblatt Securities while scrolling through LinkedIn and decided to apply for it. Her job became a full-time role after she passed the series 19 test recently; an exam compulsory for all floor brokers.

From her short period of working as a floor broker, she advised that the financial service sector consider women when setting up a working culture in future times in order for them not to feel left out. So far, Lauren is excited about her new role and hopes that more women are inducted into this industry.

When asked about any advice she could give to anyone especially females pursuing a career in her field, she responded by saying women should not be comfortable, learn to go after what they want and learn to keep moving.

Be uncomfortable and go after what you want. Apply for the job you have no idea what lies behind the door. And if you don’t get the job, it’s OK. Apply for the next job and move forward. Don’t let that be a stop in your career, your life or whatever you want to do. I think it’s important to just keep going. She said

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