If you are a black woman hungry for adventure and seeking for travel goals then Ugandan-American, Jessica Nabongo is your go-to-girl. Having left a six-figure job to start a travel company.

Nabongo leads a nomadic lifestyle and has traveled to more than 100 countries and territories across six continents.  She  remembers her daydreams of foreign lands and a life of wander after her first international trip to London and Uganda at the age of six.

Do you wonder where her motivation stems from, she says “There are two groups of people in the travel space, those who count countries and those who do not. I am in the former group. And I am currently on a journey to visit all of the countries in the world, so I have to keep count! Upon completion, I will be the first black woman to travel to all of the countries in the world.”

Sitting at the helms of affairs of Jet Black– A boutique travel firm that offers services to individual, governments and brands to encourage tourism to countries in the African diaspora. The aim of her travel firm is to showcase that many, if not most, countries in the African diaspora should be at the top of your list for beaches, food, nightlife, mountains, outdoor activities, spas, culture, history and all of the other things that we love about traveling to new places.Today, Jessica travels the world and is passionate about sharing her experience in countries that have typically low rates tourism.

She caught the travel fever when a high profile friend of her’s had her organise his honeymoon. He commended it to be the best trip -he had ever embarked on. With that commendation, she forged ahead to build her own business.

 My life is not like a vacation. It is a vacation.

The female digital nomad who happens to be the writer behind – The catch me if you can chronicles , is billed to be in Lagos come 26th April, 2018.

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