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The only period I recall turning eggshells into something useful was during my primary school home economics class project; we were asked to bring eggshells to school so we would be taught how to make abrasive cleaning powder from them. This class project happened over 10 years ago so you can imagine the shock on my face when I found out a lady agriculturist was transforming them into calcium.

Ogochukwu Maduako is a graduate of Agricultural Economics and Extension from Abia State University; she also has an in International Economics and Finance from the Department of Agriculture in Rivers State University. For her, practising agriculture is fun because it gives her the opportunity to stand out, be known and noticed easily.

Describing herself as a farmer and recycler, it is interesting to note that Ogochukwu goes out herself to recycle this product which is then turned into calcium and can be used as planting materials, natural fertilizers for soil, good calcium supplement for snails and poultry layer which is known to be good for shell formation.

Explaining the health benefits of this product, Ogochukwu further stated that it could be consumed by humans as well because it is a good solution for the control of Blossom End Rot a deficiency of calcium found in tomatoes and it is essential for strawberry, bell pepper, watermelon etc.

She also produces the soluble calcium, which is called the foliar spray and is important to Hydroponics farmers (Soilless farming), the soluble calcium is fed to livestock by just adding water to it. Asides from this, she states that it is a great source of calcium for seedlings and a good form of pesticide on the farm.


Describing her major challenge as the public’s doggedness to accepting new ideas, Ogochukwu says ‘It’s really not easy trying to sell a new idea to the market that is used to an old existing idea.‘ For her, a lot of conviction is needed but most importantly you have to be grounded with so much knowledge in your area of expertise to be able to sell.

Currently the CEO of Ifarm Recyclers, Ogochukwu hopes that in the next 2 years the brand would be known as a global brand ”because recycling of eggshells is just not a challenge we face here in Nigeria but rather it is a challenge faced by other countries on its disposal technique” she said.


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