More often than not, the best business lessons you can get are from the table of the CEO herself.

Media Mogul, Founder and CEO of the popular lifestyle website, Necole Kane has just served some hot lessons on how to revamp your business from her latest feature with Forbes. The media mogul who had previously made the decision to shut down her celebrity gossip blog in 2015,, the website pulled in 20 million paid views a month. Walking away at a time when she was perched at the top of her field resulted in confusion from readers and a self-afflicted pressure to top her success.

Today, her women’s lifestyle website, xoNecole, was acquired by Hollywood power player Will Packer in 2018 and has now become a brand that is rooted in positivity and empowerment. Through the umbrella of xoNecole, Kane and her team publish content and create elevated experiences that celebrate while educating an often-forgotten demographic of women: black women.

The major lessons to absorb from her include:

Stick to your purpose 

“It’s so easy to get knocked off your path just because of opportunities that people bring to you. They may sound good at the moment but then you look up one day and you’re way off the path that you had.”

Everything that looks good ain’t good for you, and this is this principle also applies when it comes to business. When it comes to deciding whether an upcoming project will be a burden or a blessing, it helps to decide whether or not that endeavour aligns with your purpose and your long-term goals.

Put it in white and black 

The Lord told us that if we have a vision, we should write it down and make it plain and this phrase is more than just some scriptural mumbo jumbo that your grandmother used to say, it’s big facts.

“I used to set intentions every morning,” says Kane, “I would write out exactly what I wanted to happen. The day I started doing that was January 2016 and one of the things I wrote that day was ‘You will receive a huge opportunity today.’ And that’s the day that Will Packer emailed me.” The power of manifestation each morning helped Kane get clear on what she wanted for her business, which led to xoNecole being acquired by Packer’s company. Kane believes that getting swallowed up by the busyness of entrepreneurship leaves no space for founders to manifest the things they truly want in their lives. Her routine, “I wake up every morning and I write down exactly everything, and I’m detailed. If I want 2 million new readers tomorrow, I write that down.”

Keep your eyes on your audience

When it comes to your business, it’s easy to say that “everyone” is your target audience because when it comes to customers who will spend a coin, we don’t discriminate. But ultimately, to run a successful business you have to define, understand, and cater to a unique customer who is crazy about your product. For Necole, she found that xoNecole’s tribe was comprised of predominantly Black women from Atlanta, so she packed up her things and moved to the big peach. Since then, our readership has quadrupled and she feels more inspired than ever before:

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