Internships are great learning experiences. You get to dip a toe in your chosen industry, and either start working toward the future job you want, or decide that hey, maybe it’s not for you after all. However, here is how to make the most out of your period of internship:

Listen and ask lots of questions
One of the most important, if not the most important keys to success is listening and asking questions. Enter your internship prepared by bringing along a trusty journal to write notes in and jot down questions. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, be bold in asking employees in your desired position if you can pick their brain over lunch or coffee. You may never know the answer unless you ask the question!

Be willing to tackle tasks outside of your comfort zone
Though your internship supervisor may have written down a list of duties and responsibilities for your summer position, be open to tasks that are outside your comfort zone. Writing may not be your knack, but don’t stray away from it because of an insecurity. Showing your supervisor that you have a willingness to try speaks volumes about your attitude and moldability as a future employee.

 Pitch ideas
Just because you aren’t a paid employee of a company doesn’t mean you aren’t highly valuable. Your supervisor saw something in you that they think would contribute positively to the company, so be willing to share, pitch and brainstorm ideas. An idea of yours just might be what the company next implements into their practices. At the end of your three-month term, you want the company to remember you not as an intern, but for the good work and positive attitude that you brought. Be bold and pitch!

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