It’s official! Your relationship has advanced to the next level.  Your partner has finally uttered those three magical words–“let’s travel together.”

You’re initially excited about the idea of venturing off to an exotic country with your beau. Well, that’s until you realize you haven’t planned a baecation before. You need to determine budgets and figure out what you’re each willing to contribute before you start planning anything.

Every couple is different, and your relationship will be unique from the next. There are couples who divide up the expenses and there are others who don’t have to pay a dime when they travel with their significant other.

It is important to an open conversation about what you are willing to pay for. When you’re having this chat, be considerate of your partner’s finances. Decide on who takes what expense so as to have your plans hitch-free.

Picking the location can be fun or a headache. You can also make a game out of it! Grab a few sheets of paper and write down some of the destinations you and your partner want to visit together. Place the sheets of paper inside a hat or bowl (make sure to shuffle them up). Have your partner close his eyes and draw from the hat. Whatever he chooses is where you go.  Voila! You are ready to make that trip.


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