Walking down the aisle with Mr Right is a journey to forever. You are never going to make a come-back. The society is entangled in the web of trying to redefine the institution of marriage on a daily basis. Life is filled with so many moving pieces and parts like a jigsaw puzzle. It is impossible to complete a puzzle without the pieces and marriage completes that puzzle.

If there was one thing I never knew about Keri Hilson then that would have been her being a good marriage counsellor. Her expression of her thoughts on marriage is priceless. How much standard can be too much standard?  Should women desist to look for “Mr Right” and rather get comfortable with the idea of “Mr Right-For-Now”?

The notion of “The One” puts too much pressure on the said ‘One’, once you consider him or her, to be perfect. And if you think your partner is perfect you’re going to be sorely disappointed when you inevitably find out they’re not. However, one important fact to note is that as much as there is a no such thing as ‘Mr Right’ by some school of thought. The truth is that settling for ‘Mr Right For Now’ will lead you to rushing out soon or later.

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