The home is supposed to be a safe haven for everyone especially after that stressful day at work. Your body craves for comfort and peace in a clean and serene environment. This wouldn’t be if your home is like the battlefield in one of those battles scenes in the Lord of the Rings movie.

Coming home should be a great feeling because you know you are going back to your safety net, your own abode. It should always be welcoming and inviting, hence the need to put in great effort to care for this our comfort space.

Studies have also shown that it’s medically proven that our moods, behaviors and physical and mental health are all influenced greatly by the home environment in which we live.

Your home isn’t a junk yard. The self-care you practise on yourself is just as important to your home as well. Yes, Spas, hotels are great, at offering us that luxury life and comfort we need to pamper ourselves a little but your home can have same effect if not more on you.

You just need to take proper care of it and give it the attention it deserves. Make your living abode a HOME and not a House.

Here are some few tips:

  • Clean air: Open up those windows to always let fresh air into your home. This would help release some of those toxins that have built in and around your home. Fresh air is important because it rids the environment of pollution. Poor air quality can cause ill-health and you don’t want that now, do you? Be sure to always keep your home well-ventilated.
  • Going green: Plants are beautiful decors to have in and around your house, especially houseplants. Aside from the fact that these houseplants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, they also help help sharpen focus, reduce stress, speed recovery time for certain conditions, and contribute to a variety of other health benefits, as studies have shown.
  • Wellness products: Candles, essential oils, incense, books on wellbeing — these are all great things that can perform the trick in the shortest time. Try them.

A healthy home environment also needs that commitment to a whole new way of living and not just a good home cleaning. Be committed to living right in everyway.

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