Love is indescribable. It’s an emotion that makes us eager to express our deepest thoughts and feelings. Falling in love is such a beautiful thing, it’s easy to get carried away with butterflies flying in our belly but we mustn’t.

We must guard our hearts with all diligence and also be on the look out for the true characters of our partner. Characters hidden under the sweetness of words and kind gestures, this might not be noticed during the honey moon phase.

At this phase (the honey moon phase) all we want to do is to make our partners happy – to please them. Reasons why you have to be watchful – is the person easily angered, violent, a control freak, over protective, does the person nags, is the person allergic to joy? Just be observant!

This tweet shared on Bellanaija further emphasises the need to be observant when dating and not get carried away.







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