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What do you know about your hair? Perhaps, that it is your glory. You are not far from the truth, hair is the glory of a woman but do you know that there is more to this protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis of your skin.

Just about how your urine, blood or saliva can tell the state of your health, so does your hair perform the same function. It reflects your overall health. There are signs and symptoms of certain illnesses, deficiencies, and other medical conditions that manifest visibly through your hair. Remember that just like your skin, your hair, being an outer covering, is maintained by the nutrients absorbed in the body.

Hair Fall

Every day, an average person loses about 100 to 150 hair strands daily. Certain natural circumstances can affect hair strength, like ageing and pregnancy. In this case, you simply have to go through such natural changes and reinforce your hair’s health by improving nutritional intake.

The danger happens when more strands are lost. It can be due to the immune system and/or endocrine system problems.

Itching Hair (Dandruff)

For one, excessive itching leads to scalp irritation. When left untreated or when the itching behaviour is left uncontrolled, it can lead to infection.

The underlying causes of dandruff also tell several important health insights. Dandruff can be due to harsh chemicals contained in certain hair products that may very well be carcinogenic. Apart from buying specialized or organic shampoos to treat the problem, you need to check your nutritional intake.

Dullness of Hair

The most immediate remedy for hair dullness is salon treatment, believing that the problem is only skin deep. Unfortunately, it does not necessarily hold true at all times.

Experts say that hair dullness and brittleness are possible signs of a lack of phosphorus, selenium, sulfur, and protein – the very same elements that make up your bones and teeth. If your gums and teeth show signs of bleeding and brittleness as well, along with your hair breakage, then drink supplements, consume more fruits, and load up on omega-3 fatty acids.


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