Lisa Schlosser is the chief technology officer at Thomson Reuters FindLaw; she has two bachelor degrees in mathematics and computer science from the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. With over 25 years experience in this field, she has succeeded in holding several programming and leadership positions.

She was interviewed recently by Thomson Reuters where she dished out major career tips for women who are interested in pursuing a career in technology and they are listed below:

A technical certificate is necessary

If you are confused on how to start, the best way to start is to go to school and obtain a certificate it is a proof to show mastery of your expertise. Also, having in mind that how you apply knowledge gained in the practical world will guarantee your growth and how you get challenging roles or promotions.

Get broad experience at the beginning of your career

Getting experience in all levels of the technology stack, in different industries, hardware, software and in various businesses is a sure way of increasing your technical skill and business acumen. According to Lisa, it is a valuable set critical to your career advancement.

Broad experience is a valuable asset and a keen understanding of the business is critical for advancement. If you are just starting out, how do you know what you like until you try it?

What is the most important programing language to learn

For a starter in the technical journey, learn a high-level scripting language like JavaScript because it helps with increased productivity. Stating that the fastest way to learn is by experimenting and getting hands-on training.

It is possible to break into the industry with no coding experience

To Liza, it is possible because technology is part of nearly every career opportunity e.g banking, marketing and even journalism and all these areas function properly without coding.

The best product designers are experts in user experience and user interface designing. Projects are run with technical project managers. Agile methodologies are run by scrum masters. There are many rewarding technical careers that do not require you to code. She said

Learn how to build strong partnerships

Building strong partnerships, knowing how to work as a trusted teammate, and honing collaboration capabilities are some of the most important skills you will develop and will constantly grow and improve over time. Having solid mastery of the technologies is still important, but a diverse team can accomplish so much more together than any single person can do alone.

Lastly, be that person everyone wants to be on their team


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