“I have made it”

“I have gotten to my peak”

These are words that you often hear people say but the truth is that there is no final destination in life. Living a life of purpose often requires you to continue being the best version of yourself. Some things never really change, we keep going through the same challenges our whole lives, always hoping one day we’re going to make it (that’s wishful thinking). What are we looking for? You could have written a best seller but you want more. That is totally normal because that is what purposeful living is all about.

Learning and absorbing this in your mind will help you realise that you are not in competition rather you are constantly on a path of waking up to a better you daily.

Focus on your journey. Make the best out of any situation.

Stop relying on others to provide yourself with a purpose in life. You are the driver. Not them. The most fulfilling thing you can do is to get up and give yourself a purpose, use your potential.

Try something new. Next time you are out, put the phone down and enjoy the moment. Stop taking pictures of everything that excites you because you’re living through your lenses.

Yes, pictures last a long time but you won’t get that same feeling you felt when you were present and enjoying the journey.

So Live! Yes, live and live again. 

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