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One of the world’s richest persons of African descent, Aliko Dangote held a dinner in honour of his daughter; Fatima and her husband Jamil Abubakar in Lagos on March 23, 2018. It was an internet sensation as many dignitaries were in attendance such as Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Ex-Head of State Gen. Yakubu Gowon, First Lady Aisha Buhari  and, the founder of Microsoft Corporation: Bill Gates.

The wealth and elegance displayed at this wedding must have been the reason for the tweet and here are lessons to learn from it.

Always look presentable

You will be addressed as you are dressed. Take your time to pick your outfit and make sure they look neat and smart on you.

Know how to sell yourself

Most times people pray for opportunities and when they are presented with such opportunities they have no clue  how to make use of it. Be confident and when opportunities come at you be prepared for them. Click here to know how to sell yourself in 15 seconds or less.

Update your CV frequently

It is not enough to apply for a job anymore or to carry your CV about. You must learn to update your CV regularly as you learn new skills or take on more tasks.


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