So, recently, there was this picture of a sleeping 7 month-old baby with beautiful makeup done on one side of her face. The mum, being a make-up artist just wanted to have some fun and while the baby slept, the mother beautifully made her up on one side of her face.

She uploaded the picture on Instagram and immediately found herself on the hot seat, as lots of people came for her with many talks of allowing the baby to just be a baby and all that. But the mum maintained she did it for fun and for laughs and so many others took her side, saying life isn’t as serious as people often make it out to be.

While I say nothing about this issue, the one thing that caught my attention was that one simple fact, “Life isn’t as serious as people often make it out to be”.

I am a fun-loving person, a sucker for true love and happy endings. Now, when I speak of true love, it is all-encompassing – Love of and for God, love of and for self, love for others. 

Most times, we are overwhelmed by life’s challenges and we tend to give up. We lose interest in basically everything especially when plans are not going accordingly. “I should be married by now”, “I should have made my first millions at this age”, “I should have changed this car by now”……. And the list of should-haves grows longer. How many times have we sat down to be grateful for what we actually have?

We sure have to create our own happiness in this chaotic world. The world these days seems to be in turmoil as we keep seeing and hearing about so much destruction, violence, killings and all-what-not.  Though sad and heartbreaking, still, we have to live and through our lives, transform the world into the better place we want it to be. 

Sure, I anticipate a great and happy future but I have to create it. How do I do that? By living for the now. What we have is NOW. This is the moment we have and the moment we own so let’s make the super best of it and of our lives.

Remember the video of Michelle Obama having so much fun with Missy Elliot and James Corden? Michelle Obama is one amazing woman who not only lives a great life but one filled with loads of fun.

It takes a person with so many beautiful things around her to really have amazing fun and love for life, despite the fact that the time this happened, she was the First Lady of the most powerful country in the world. This brings me to one great fact, which Khuana puts in these words, “True love, especially of oneself is the essence of really living”.

Approach life with simplicity. Don’t get caught up in its intricacies. There is so much you can live for and so much more for you to enjoy from life if only you know and understand how to go about it. Stop being uptight. Relax and breathe already. Life is beautiful, awesome and amazing. You do not have the weight of the world on your shoulders. So take a chill pill and live already.


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