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I was in primary six when I escaped being electrocuted; I am still not sure if I am to call this an ‘escape’ or ‘a divine miracle’. I was in the car with my mum who was driving me to school on this rainy day when we stopped to pick other passengers who were stranded in the rain. As we continued our journey, fast approaching the last bus stop before getting to my school gate we noticed a crowd standing opposite an electric pole but we never really understood their reason for doing so. Unknowingly to my mum, they were alerting other car owners not to pass directly under the pole because a life wire was about to drop. But just as you guessed, we passed directly under this pole and the life wire dropped on our car causing the roof to have a sharp dent; how we escaped we really can’t explain but all I know is we are still alive and living to fulfil our purpose.

This short story brings me to the focus of this article ‘faith’; faith means having complete trust, belief, conviction, confidence in someone or something. Most of the time we forget that God our father knew us before we were created; he already knew our life’s purpose, challenges and growth. Sometimes we are faced with obstacles and we start to think or feel that these situations have power over lives.

The truth is, he knows each and everyone’s capability and he wouldn’t give you something he knows you can’t handle. So you are thinking, I have been out of school for 3 years but I still don’t have a good job, you are waiting for the fruit of the womb, or you’re searching for your better half or you feel your friends are doing so well and you are stagnant; remember what he said ‘when you go through deep waters, I will be with you’. Ask yourself ‘has that situation killed you?’ So far you are still alive then there is hope.

Why don’t you Chanel your strength into thanking him for things he has done. Like saving you from that gas explosion, kidnappers, car accident, and for life in general.

I used to take my life so serious because I felt it was in my power to change certain situations; but then, whenever I remember that even electrocution couldn’t take me away from the surface of this earth and I am still alive; then I am supposed to be wise enough to know that all these challenges are just a test of time and my glory is waiting for me untouched, safe, secured and shining bright.

Don’t forget that every challenge you face in life are just connecting dots to make your story beautiful. Let him lead you, let go and let God because it is only when you trust and commit your ways to him, then he would act. Finally, your faith won’t always change the outcome but it can change the outlook.


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