The next time you are taking a walk or you’re driving by, look around you and make sure you find a tree. When you do, move closer to it, if possible make an attempt to touch it.

Where am I going to with this? Just stay with me for a little while. You see, life is just like that tree you just saw or touched.

Before the tree came to be, it was first a seed  and at out the initial stage of cultivation the seed had to be covered with dirt and buried deep into the ground, for it to germinate. We are like that seed when life gets turbulent and its like all the bad things keep happening to us.

At this moment it feels like universe isn’t on our side, we are sometimes tempted to be bitter and throw in the towel. It is at that point we are about giving up we should remember it is all part of the process.

The seed that turned to a tree for many years was redundant under the earth, most likely it had been trampled on and ignored. Likewise, friends might desert us in turbulent times, we might even feel like God has deserted us and  give room for depression in our heart. But that isn’t the case, our lives is undergoing a process and if you’re not certain of anything at all, take confidence in the fact that in life it will all balance out.

There’s no easy way out to this, and you have to fight for yourself. Here’s how to go about it:

Believe that it will get better:

No matter how difficult or how turbulent it gets, never loose your believe that it will get better.  We become what we believe with time. Hold on to your believe with all you’ve got , let it motivate you to keep pushing.

Forget Luck:

Our lives become what we make it. There’s no such thing as luck, what is required to change your life is in your hands. Ask yourself; What can I do about it? What can I do to change it?

See your scars as strength:

It’s impossible to go through life without; past hurt, pain or regret. Accept your scars and your struggles. Wear them beautifully and anytime you see yourself giving in to a negative thought, tell yourself your scars or past don’t define who you are.

Know that you are not alone:

It is important to know that no matter what you’re going through, there’s somebody somewhere going through the same thing or probably worse. Take comfort in this and let it give you the courage you need to reach out to the people around you. Don’t isolate yourself in grief, speak out.

Ease is a greater threat to success than hardship, you need this moment for the new you to emerge. 


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