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The Royal Wedding is finally upon us which means we have the rest of the year to dissect everything exciting that occurred at this event; from the beautiful couple, the guests, Bishop Bruce Curry’s powerful message, Chelsy Davy (Harry’s ex), Doria Ragland (mother to the Duchess of Sussex), the choir and of course the Bride’s minimalist look. I am sure this took most of us by surprise; especially when you are from a country where more than half of its population are obsessed with weddings.

Meghan and Harry first broke the internet on 27 November 2017 after announcing their engagement and since then, it is safe to say the world has been preparing for their big day making this event the most anticipated wedding ever; not because it was a Royal wedding but because it represented acceptance of tradition and modernity, global union and most importantly, the power of love. Starting from their unconventional love story, Meghan is a 36-year-old black  divorcee wedding Prince Harry, a member of the conservative, British royal family.

The Bride got married to Prince Harry wearing a minimalist Givenchy gown designed by Claire Waight Keller, the first female artistic director of the historic French fashion house. Having no frills, lace or beadings, the silk gown had a cutting-edge boatneck, an impressive 16-inch train and three-quarter-length sleeves which were its major artistic twist and the truth is, there was really nothing extraordinary about her choice of gown.

Using Queen Elizabeth’s diamond tiara crafted in 1932 to hold together her beautiful silk veil, which was designed by Keller with hand embroidered flowers of each commonwealth countries united in one floral composition, Meghan looked beautiful in her barely their makeup which also sparked commentaries from the public.

In other not to get carried away with the events razzmatazz, it is important to note that while we all sit and criticise Meghan’s look, there are 3 bold lessons to be learnt from her which is important in our society today.

Play up your strength

Most of the time we get carried away complaining about what we see as flaws when those are what makes us unique and beautiful. Whether it’s your eyes, nose or birthmarks make sure you wear them staying true to yourself because you never really know what draws the other person to you. For Meghan who had visible freckles, she managed to carry them loud and proud not giving too much regard as to what society thinks a perfect bride should look like. Do not be scared to go against the norm, stay true to yourself, love yourself and love how you look because no one is going to accept you if you don’t accept yourself.

Be confident in how you look

Although she wore a very simple Givenchy gown, Meghan still looked graceful and beautiful and this is something we should apply in our everyday lives. Don’t let what you wear determine how you feel or how you act; the truth is most of us are victims. Can you remember when you wore that gown you never really liked to a party and you refused to mingle with others just because you felt they were superior or that time you refused to attend Sunday service because that clothing piece got burnt and you felt nothing else looked better? It doesn’t matter what you wear, but how you carry yourself when you wear them. Being confident is key when living in our world today.

The focus shouldn’t be on the physical

For intending brides, marriage is a sacred union and should be taken seriously. Don’t place your focus on getting the biggest hall, using the best makeup artist or wearing the most extravagant gown; if there is no love living inside of you then there is no union. Don’t go out of your way trying to look like the society bride everybody wants you to be; ignore external factors and enjoy your day with the most important person in your life at that moment.

There is no doubt that Meghan did look beautiful because she is in love and she is indeed a pretty girl.



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