It is no longer a secret that breast cancer is a major global public health issue with over 1 million cases discovered annually leading to over 400, 000 deaths and about 4.4 million women still battling the disease. With studies showing that it affects at least one in eight women, breast cancer has been marked as the commonest site-specific malignancy which affects women all over the world. This disease is one of the most common causes of cancer mortality in women and is not one to be treated lightly. Though very common in women, it sometimes occurs in men too. Breast cancer is an epidemic and all hands need to be on deck to eliminate this threat to the lives of women. One of the fastest ways to catch this disease and stop it dead in its tracks is through early detection by correctly performing a self-breast examination and early treatment. In this video, P.A Sandra Smith shows us how to do this. Remember, a breast check a day keeps the doctor away.

PHOTO CREDIT: klankosova.tv

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