People can get hyper-focused on forming good habits to live with. They try to exercise regularly, eat healthy, and maintain their overall well-being. While it’s great to form these good habits, your toxic habits could be keeping you from success.

Toxic habits don’t always look like you think they will. They don’t always present as an addiction or condition that needs to be treated.

In order to get rid of your bad habits, you’re going to have to take a few simple steps to unlearn them. Read on to discover what these steps are and how you can start implementing them in your own life.

Come to Peace With Them

The first step to defeating toxic habits may be the hardest, but don’t get overwhelmed. You’re already halfway there.

You’ll have to recognize the bad habits for what they are and come to peace with them. Recognizing them has already brought you to the point where you’re reading about how to overcome them, so give yourself a pat on the back for the strength you’ve already shown.

Recognize Their Triggers

Another important step forward is to then recognize what triggers your toxic habits. Let’s say your habit is that you always have to have a can of soda in hand. Do you reach for that can of soda when you’re stressed? Tired? Angry? What thoughts are racing through your head before you open the fridge?

Give yourself time to think about this and really analyze those moments just before you engage with your bad habit. Then have a response prepared for when you see those triggers happen.

Think Through Future Events

You’ve recognized the triggers and stopped from engaging in your toxic habit. Congratulate yourself, because that’s no small task. It takes so much strength to start overcoming a bad habit, so recognize your strength and celebrate it.

After you cheer yourself on, take a moment to remind yourself that it’s going to happen again. There’s no quick solution for toxic habits, so they’ll come back around when they’re triggered again.

That doesn’t mean you haven’t made progress. Take heart when you defeat them and then set the intention to learn from future mistakes. This is a journey, so be gentle with yourself.

Make Small Changes

Some habits can be stopped if you make small changes by replacing what you do in the moment when you feel like you’re about to engage with your toxic habit, as per Productivity Theory.

Ask For Help

One of the most important things you can do to defeat a toxic habit is to realize that you’re not alone. It’s your habit and your responsibility to defeat it, but you have friends and family who love you. They want to help in any way they can, so let them.

When you have the urge to do your old habit, call someone. Ask them to hang out, chat, or even just remind you why you’re fighting this habit.

Feeling like you’re not alone will make the journey to ending your toxic habit less intimidating. And once you actually stop the habit, your loved ones will be ready to celebrate with you.

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