I was surprised when a little birdie told me, you stopped laughing. Why though? I’m sure it’s because you forgot all the benefits of laughter. Laughing is one of the simplest ways to a happy and healthy life.

Here are some reasons why you should laugh hard and laugh more:

  • When you laugh you gulp in air which oxygenate your blood.
  • Laughing decreases your stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Keeping sickness at bay
  • Laughter releases endorphin into your body system. Endorphin is often referred to as the good feeling hormone
  • Laughing gives you a positive mindset
  • Laughing is good for the heart and it improves blood circulation.
  • Laughter aids healing process.
  • Laughter creates and strengthens human connection

I hope these seven benefits are reason enough for you to laugh more.

I also decided to come up with a few ways to laugh more:

Smile more:

Smiling is a warm up for laughing and the benefit of smiling are quite similar to that of laughing. You’re bound to experience a subtle change of happiness when you smile. The changes occurs internally and externally. Make a conscious effort to smile daily.

Have a funny buddy:

Some people are naturally funny. They crack you up with each word that proceeds from their mouth and when you’re around them there’s never a dull moment. When you find someone like this keep them and never let them go, they’re hard to come by.

Learn to laugh at yourself:

Yes, I said it. Stop taking life too seriously! It limits your humour and you easily get hurt when someone laughs at you. Laughing at yourself helps relieve pressure and makes it easy to let loose and fun.

Watch a funny sitcom:

This will make you relax and it will ease of the stress of the day from your body. It’s the best way to laugh hard, remember that laughing more makes you look younger. You sure want to indulge in this.

Laughter is the best medicine and it’s free. Laugh as hard as you can and some more


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