Everyone isn’t as fearless as the world champion, who shares the same DNA as Muhammad Ali. But Ali wants Black women to shake that fear in order to, “I recognize that there is fear — fear of the unknown or fear of getting out of your comfort zones — just generally negative thoughts,” she says. “In any area of your life it’s the only way that you’ll get stronger, or get better. Whoever you look up to, or put on a pedestal, know that they have fears too. They just learned how to push past it. Recognize that the fear is there, and actually push through — be strategic and methodical about it. Take the leap.”

Now, she’s encouraging other Black women to take control of their health to live their best, most healthy life. Why is that? Besides the obvious, Black women need to make their health and wellbeing a top priority. According to Ali, “We’re taking care of everyone else, and a lot of times we come last. Sometimes it’s hard for us to slow down and take care of the things we know we’re supposed to do. I always try to remind people that if you care about your loved ones and want to take care of them, you’ve definitely got to take care of yourself first.”

Her secret? Putting herself first. “I like to schedule time for myself, because otherwise it just won’t happen,” shares Ali. A secret that many of us truly have yet to master. But between juggling her family life, and her successful career, it’s become a necessity.

“One thing that I do regularly is make sure I go get my mani/pedi and massage every two weeks,” she continued. “I take time to meditate, workout and plan my meals for the week to make sure I’m getting the nutrition that I need. Those are a few things that I do, and I would encourage others to incorporate them into their daily lives as well.”

Ali continues, “I’m passionate about encouraging others to live their best life, and I truly believe that a lot of that comes from nutrition. If you’re not eating right, then you don’t have the proper nutrition that you body and your brain needs to fully function at your best.”

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