If you were given a knife to kill someone who would that be? Increase the count to three, who are the first three that come to mind? Take your time to think deeply, you really do not want to kill someone who doesn’t deserve it. What if I told you they are not the ones you want to kill. The person you should kill is you. You need to kill the you that stops you from growing, because in the end the only thing you owe yourself is growth. The following are the things you need to do to achieve growth:

Don’t be a scarcity thinker

Scarcity thinking means having the “there’s not enough” to go around syndrome. Having a pessimistic perspective towards everything, Scarcity thinkers are stingy with knowledge and they detest competition. They view competition as a replacement for them or their products and they look for means to take out all competitors. It is so easy to fall in a trap to be this person especially when things get tough, however, choose to work on your perspective. Be an abundance thinker: be optimistic always, view competitors as motivation to work harder, dream big and keep a gratitude journal. A gratitude journal helps break the spell of scarcity thinking.

Refuse to be a fixer

You will hurt yourself by wanting to help people around you fix everything especially times they don’t need your help. Take a step back when you think someone needs your help and they’re yet to ask you for it. It is really up to them to make the choice to ask you for it or not. Setup boundaries for yourself and don’t go above it. Your priority should be focusing on people who really need your help and not people who view you as a fixer, waiting on you to volunteer help.

Drop the victim card

It easy to pull this card when someone does us wrong. Doing this will only dis-empower you and leave you deeply rooted in circumstances you claim to hate. Each time you pull this card you harm yourself. Learn to move on; someone wronged you, embarrassed you, insulted you. Move on! Let it go and move on.

Get out of the way

There are times you  seek some many answers to questions that plague your mind but the truth is, in your palms are the answers you seek. You want to the go to the next level but are you truly prepared for the challenges that will come your way? The reason you feel stuck is because you are not looking for a way out, you are waiting for a way out which might not easily come. If you desire an elevation then prepare yourself for the challenges you will encounter.

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