If there’s one thing we absolutely cannot take away from this former Destiny Child member, it’s the fact that she always looks so mighty fine!

In a recent interview with Elle, the 37-year-old sultry singer gave some insight into her beauty must-haves for the summer. The self acclaimed beauty hoarder not only highlighted her favourite beauty products, she also spoke of embracing her pregnancy and working on her body both during and after pregnancy.

Of her favourite products, she had this to say:

One would definitely be Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform. Another one would be iS Clinical face wash, because I believe in washing your face. I believe in skin care above anything. A sunscreen. iS Clinical has a great sunscreen. Jessica Alba has this awesome [Honest Beauty] Magic Balm for your eyes. It’s clear. It’s awesome. It’s perfect for summertime. Pat McGrath has these beautiful colors in her eye palettes. Stunning for summer. She just gave me [a palette] through my makeup artist, Sheika Daley. And I’m in love with it.

She also divulged on a recent beauty find which she mentions will probably break bank but is totally worth it; laser hair removal. She highlights that the lasers help with toning, tightening, brightening, lifting, and removals.

I go to this place in L.A. called Beauty Park. And there’s an incredible woman there. Her name is Nurse Jamie. She’s amazing.

Rowland went on to speak about the need for every mother to ensure that they’re eating foods that are right for them as well as their babies. She also stressed the importance of rest and taking breaks as an expecting mom.

Enjoy resting your feet. Enjoy putting them up. Enjoy giving yourself a facial. Enjoy a night out with friends. Enjoy your mocktails.

She also stressed the need for women to look after themselves even after having the baby. She motions that includes the mental and emotional aspects too. ‘You only get one you’, she admonished.

On how she stays fit with near-perfect abs, her exercise routine is three tiered: Pilates, boxing, and weights.

You know I’m about to find a Pilates and boxing class right about now.


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