In an interview with Broadly, a line in the introduction caught my eye.

“Once poised to become the breakout star of Destiny’s Child, Rowland’s path to success has involved more recesses from the spotlight than expected.”

This implies that she isn’t quite the break out star that we all expected. However, the interview takes a surprising turn when Rowland informs the interviewer that she’s not having the world tell her who she is. This, I believe, is a good moral story for the woman who’s had it with the naysayers; for the girl who’s gotten more beat down than she has gotten lifted up.

Rowland’s hit single, Dirty Laundry which was released in 2016 was an open letter of sorts. She dished on her fleeting moments of jealousy towards fellow Destiny’s Child star, Beyonce, and her old abusive relationship. This, I believe was her turning point.

Ever since then, Kelly’s career has had numerous high points. From bagging endorsements, to playing producer to OWN tv’s ‘Chasing Destiny’; to her role in the hit competition, Xfactor as she replaced former singer, Britney Spears as a judge, and authoring a motherhood book entitled; Whoa Baby, the singer has definitely achieved numerous milestones. You can also catch her looking like a smoking hot tamale in customised designer outfits (she’s got a banging bod so of course, every designer wants her wearing them) or on the arms of her beloved husband with her 3-year-old, Titan (who by the way loves ‘say my name’) cuddling close by. If that isn’t a blessed life, I don’t know what is.

I’ll end off with her words which I believe are a key take-out for you and I.

“Believing things that people said about me. That was probably the hardest one. If someone says something negative, nine times out of 10, it’s usually a situation where it’s something they secretly feel they are, and they project that onto you. You have to know not to own it. It’s so funny because I’ll tell young girls that now, [though] I know that they don’t understand at that moment. I pray that some of them do. You really have to remind yourself how much people project.”

“You can’t allow the rest of the world to tell you who you are. Otherwise, you’ll internalize all of the insecurities of the world.”

You heard it from Kelly, stop internalizing people’s opinions of you, more often than not, they’re a reflection of battles they’re encountering in their own lives.

The star also revealed that she has new music coming out soon, so we’re definitely anticipating that one.

Read the full interview here

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