I remember when I first started my business. I was super excited and had butterflies in my stomach. I looked forward to making my first sale and getting positive feedback from clients. It was really exciting and now that I think of it, it still is especially when I hear positive reports of my products and how greatly loved it is.

Granted, there are days I want to tear out my hair out of frustration or when things aren’t going as I planned but never has it been enough to put out the passion flame I have for my business. Despite the emergencies, rejections and disappointments, I love what I do and I never let frustration get the better part of me. Instead, I devise means to help me cope and I would gladly share them with you.

How do I fall constantly and consistently in love with my business?

  • Identify the problem: The relationship you have with your business is like any other romantic relationship you have with someone you love. At the beginning, which I like to call the euphoric stage, everything is blissful and all so beautiful. So it is when you just begin a business that you love. You look forward to sending every mail, ticking tasks off your to-do lists, making every purchase and the list goes on. At a point, this euphoric stage begins to dwindle and everything becomes bland. All these little things you love to do begin to seem tiring and all the sweetness turns into endless complaints and bickering. This is the time to reevaluate everything that you think is stressing you out.
  • Get your groove back: As your business grows, it is expected you get more hands to help and it is most likely that you would take up more administrative duties while leaving the hands-on work for others to do. Sometimes, you get to miss this part of the business. Ponder on those tasks that really excited you when you just began and incorporate them back into your schedule.
  • Have really big dreams: What was your goal at the start of your business? Do you think you are still in line with that goal or have you allowed distractions sway you from the original plan? Keep your eyes on the ball and stay focused. Don’t handle your business with the attitude of trying to make it through the day. You have to be purposeful and intentional about the tasks set for each day. Always have a goal you work towards each day that spurs your motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Spice things up: Just as you would take the effort to switch up the routine a bit if you were in a relationship every now and again, the same technique is needed in your business. Don’t do same things day in, day out. Tweak things up now and then. Monotony dulls your brain and diminishes your spark. Learn new things as it would benefit your business and incorporate these new techniques into your products. Get innovative as this always keeps you a step ahead of the competition.
  • Take a step back: One of the most effective ways to reignite your business love is to get away from it for a while and just rejuvenate. If you are burnt out, you need to rekindle that fire from the inside and this you can do if you take a break. Take a vacation and travel to an exotic location, if you can afford it. If not, make do with what you have – involve yourself in some other activities that are totally unrelated to your business. You never can tell when that spark would again be rekindled.

Feeling off with your business isn’t something odd, isn’t peculiar to you and no, there isn’t anything wrong with you. Try out these tips to help you feel some of that fiery passion you experienced at the beginning and I am sure you would feel that love building in you all over again. Your success rides on the much love you have for what you do and Sister Mary Lauretta agrees with me when she says, “To be successful, the first thing to do, is to fall in love with your work.”


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