Years ago, I dated a young man who had dated an acquaintance of mine. They were broken up before we started dating… we dated for 4 years and broke up right after he proposed. Some might propose that this was karma but here’s the thing: karma is a misleading subject. I’ll be explaining why in this piece.

Khloe Kardashian, 33, the youngest of the Kardashian sisters started dating Basketball player, Tristan Thompson while his ex girlfriend was heavily pregnant. Word on the streets is: he wasn’t even present for the birth of his child. Despite these rumors swirling around and the twitter trolls going as far as dragging her for allowing him do that to her fellow woman, Khloe seemed happy as she said posted photos of them together on her social media accounts and also appeared happy on their hit reality tv series: keeping up with the kardashians.

Fast forward to the month of their baby girl’s birth; videos of her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson doing getting handsy with young ladies and even disappearing into a hotel room with one of them have since done the rounds. This occurrence has incited conversation surrounding karma with many believing that karma is responsible as she started dating him when he had a woman who was allegedly 9 months pregnant with his child.

Personally, I don’t believe this and I think that believing in karma can prove destructive. Although my relationship didn’t work out and khloe’s is clearly going through its trials, I’d like to surmise that there are 2 lessons here.

  1. Karma is destructive for the victims

Too many times, I have seen how people expect closure or are unable to carry on with their lives because they simply believe that karma will come for their enemy. They wait with bated breath watching their purported ‘enemy’ move on with their lives while expecting them to hit a hiccup somewhere because of how they have treated them.  In that time, they are stagnant and unable to advance in their own lives which is where the destructive bit comes in.

     2. Do people ever really change?

It’s important to get a man talking about his previous relationships, do your research and find out a person’s background. One amazing thing about the videos and photos surfacing of Tristan was how blatant they were. In a particular video, he looked straight at the camera leading many to believe that he wanted to be caught. If he could abandon his 9 months old ex-girfriend and not be present during the birth, maybe he just isn’t one for babies?  Ask questions and get to know the issues that have plagued this man’s past. His last girlfriend was too witty and spoke at whim, are you a calm person? Can you handle not being expected to call things out as they are without worrying about a bruised ego? These are the kind of tough questions you’ll have to ask yourself


So for those getting excited about the ongoing drama in the Kardashian ‘kamp’ (I really wanted to do that), please ensure your excitement isn’t on the basis of your own life because you’re waiting on karma to be bestowed on someone personal and this might just be confirmation for you.  You have to be ok with knowing that it might never come to pass and you need to have moved on so much that you barely notice.

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  • Congratulations To Khloe Kardashian. I sincerly feel sad that she had to bring her bundle of joy into the world right after finding Tristan Thompson cheated on her, but she will be good!


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