Apple and Orange difference


Life is a somewhat difficult and challenging journey. If you think the road is too bumpy, so you would rather travel by air or sea, remember that there is sometimes turbulence on the sea as there is in the air. It’s seemingly calm appearance may just be a facade.

Everyone was created in his/her own unique way. That we all travel or make this journey of life together doesn’t mean we all get to go at the same pace. We are different just as our talents, potentials, strengths and weakness. Stop comparing your life with the lives of others just because it seems you are in a rut or somewhat stuck in your life.

You have no idea what they went through before they got to where they are today. You don’t know what they are going through but conceal behind a pretentious mask of smiles and happiness or a face of bravery and lack of expression.

Be careful what you wish for. Everyone has his/her own demons they fight behind closed doors. That others seem all bright and shiny doesn’t mean life is rosy and cozy with them. No one has it all good and comfy. Of course, there are hiccups.

You never really know anyone as much as you think you do. John Green said “The vast majority of us imagine ourselves as like literature people or math people. But the truth is that the massive processor known as the human brain is neither a literature organ nor a math organ. It is both and more.”

You have no idea what you can do in a given situation until you are in it. So don’t go thinking all a friend tells you about his/her success was easy-peasy. Do you know the rivers they had to cross and the mountains they had to climb to attain that which you admire so much and beat yourself up because you haven’t made that accomplishment yet?

We surprise ourselves with our own capabilities. Listen to stories of people, pick out what can benefit you and help you become a better person. Don’t get into the comparing mode and even sometimes get judgmental, jealous or envious.

That is just a complete and utter waste of time.

Has comparing your life with others ever helped you?


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