I think my countdown to the weekend started on Wednesday, so I practically floated from Wednesday to Friday like they were all Fridays.

At the close of the work today, you will winning a triple ‘R’ card. Wouldn’t that be fun? I know what you are thinking at the moment. What in the blue skies is even a  triple ‘R’ card. Its your free time to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. Now you know where I was pointing at. Come Friday, you’re ready to relax and recharge—but too many of us sabotage our weekends by cramming in a month of chores or getting choked up in the number of activities to give attention to or events to attend. Either way, the weekend is a bust.

The week has probably been chaotic and this is a good time to let down your hair and indulge yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking of chilling indoors,  going to see a movie, trying a new restaurant, hooking up with old friends or go on cheap weekend get-away – don’t forget to flash the triple ‘R’ Card, you earned it baby girl.

Make it a period to de-stress yourself, get refreshed and rejuvenate for the forthcoming week. If you want to feel truly refreshed by Monday morning, then you have to plan to do something you love on sunday night. This will help you fall asleep with a fond new memory—not a crash of nerves.

Have a  beautiful and fun-filled weekend!

Tell us what you will be doing over the weekend in the comment section.

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