“Mummy, I would like to watch Sponge Bob Square Pants,” 6-year-old Anita cried to her mother.

“But you watched that all through the evening, after dinner, yesterday,” the mother reminded her. “Moreso, where did you get off thinking you can watch TV first thing in the morning? Is it because you are on holidays? How about helping your mom with some house chores first and we discuss TV later? she further tried to coarse the child.

“I already made my bed and arranged my room,” Anita grumbled.

“And I am supposed to praise you for that?” her mother asked. “Did you expect I would come to make your bed for you after you sleep in it? You are a big girl now, you know. Of course, you are expected to take care of your room. How about doing something that benefits others as well?”

“But I also helped you arrange your dressing table.” Anita fought back.

“Yes, darling and I am grateful for that. How about you join me in the kitchen and let’s make breakfast for daddy and Grandpa? Her mother said smiling. “You like to cook, don’t you? We could very well try out some new recipes, you know,” she continued.

Anita happily agreed.

“After breakfast, we could plan out your summer holiday routine so you can have plenty of fun doing other things and not just watch TV all day, every day. Deal?” her mom asked.

“Deal,” she replied with a big smile.

Having kids home full-time for the summer holiday could be fun and also tasking at the same time. After a long period of study in school, they expect to relax and just enjoy watching TV every time. However, you could plan out your kids summer holiday routine in such a way that they get to learn a lot of things while having fun too.

That they are on holiday is no reason for their brains to be on holiday too. It is imperative that their brains are kept active so they don’t fall prey to the “all play and no work” syndrome. Here are some ideas:

1. Creativity

Get your kids to be involved in creative activities. Ignite the creativity in them by engaging them in handwork. They could learn to paint, draw, play one or two musical instruments, sculptor, etc. Teach them or enrol them in classes where they get to figure out their skill and start honing it at this tender age. Remember, the gift of a man always makes a way for him, as the good book tells us.

2. Keep reading

Encourage your kids to keep reading even though they are on holidays. Sign them up in book clubs or even the local library in your neighbourhood. You can also get them the books to read at home too. Teach them to read non-fiction, fiction, ebooks, poetry etc and even try writing their own. Who knows, you may just have a writer in your family. Another benefit of this is reading also helps to improve the vocabulary of your kids.

3. A daily dose of Math

While math might be the one subject kids are so happy to get away from during the holidays, it is important they do not totally cut off from studying this subject every day. At least, they can spend 20 minutes per day doing some sums. Calculations are very important in our daily lives and the earlier they overcome the fear of math, the easier it would be for them to understand it and even love it.

4. Visit new places

You could visit new places as a family and help your kids get to learn new cultures, make new friends and even learn about new environments. How about taking family trips to another state or even another country, if you can afford it? Get your kids to journal their experiences. This not only helps them value the experience but also aids them with writing and organizing their thoughts and ideas too.

5. Cooking

Get your children to be involved in kitchen affairs, supervised, of course. Incorporate new menus and even get them to design a new menu that the whole family can try. If this goes well, they could have so many recipes by the end of the summer holiday that you could put these together and create a cookbook for them. It not only captures memories but is an experience where they get to integrate math, reading and even following instructions all at once.

Do you have other ideas you would like to try? Let us know in the comment section.

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