With the hustling and bustling, topsy-turvy nature of the life, who wouldn’t want to bask in the joys of taking a break? For the onward journey of life in this fast-paced world, it is absolutely necessary to halt your breaks and try to catch your breath every once in a while.

Life is meant for us to live and enjoy, not to be caught in its web and man-made intricacies or complexities.

Ever so often, we are on the move, in pursuit of a better life, happiness, joy, peace, comfort and the likes. Unfortunately, most of these things we madly chase are right in front of our eyes but because we are so distracted with mere frivolities, we lose focus and go after the shadow instead of the substance.

Spending some quality time with yourself is not a luxury but instead a must-have necessity. This gives room for you to collate your thoughts and analyse your journey thus far, where you are now and the direction in which you are headed.

You do not want to joke with self-care and awareness. Most of us go through life without actually living it.

Finally, money isn’t everything. Fashion isn’t everything. Wealth isn’t everything. While these are very good and are absolute essentials which we all need, they shouldn’t be our main focus or drive in life. You have to find out and live out your purpose. That is the most important thing.

You were created not to merely occupy space in the world but to make an impact in it but how would you find your purpose when you are drowned in so much noise? We all need that break and self-pampering once in a while. Don’t chase after the luxuries of life and forget to enjoy its basic and most important pleasures – the beauty of the creation.

You need some quality alone-time, so as to stay balanced and mindful. This would help you re-strategize where necessary.

So, I enjoin you to pause awhile and spend some great time with yourself… Spoil yourself silly but wisely. This is a therapy that has a way of soothing you and relaxing your nerves. By doing this, you discover that you would be able to develop coping mechanisms for the many stress of life and most importantly, you would stay rejuvenated and even maintain your younger looks.

How often do you pamper yourself? How do you spend quality time with yourself? Kindly share your comments below.


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