Nobody on this earth can describe what happiness truly is, yet everybody claims to have experienced it. Why do you think it’s like that? It’s because the majority of people on this planet don’t understand the psychology of happiness.

The reason that there are multiple antidotes to feeling gloomy is that there may be a million different explanations and their nuances of why someone is unhappy. It’s pretty much a different cause, path and experience for everyone.

The second problem with happiness is that all of us become so hung up on the goal itself—that utopian state that we want to get to “one day.”

Naturally, you can spend your whole life waiting for happiness to finally come knocking on your door, hoping, anticipating, existing in perpetual discontent—and the moment may never come.

Your lack of happiness could be as a result of happiness disruptor; personal, financial, career, physical complications can make your happiness aspirations plummet. It could also stem from unreasonable expectations, lack of self-esteem, social trends or even an unfulfilled life.

Well, it’s time to bring a revolution in your life. You must prioritize and put happiness at the top of your list. You must realize that knowingly or unknowingly the thing that drives everybody in life is the pursuit of true happiness.

This is now your moment to take control of your life. Change your perception and look at life with a big perspective. Realize what makes you happy and pursue it.

All the happiness you desire lies within you.



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