Ever heard this – “A woman’s intuition is never wrong”? Well, she could be so many things but, she is hardly wrong especially when her sixth sense is involved. If there was anything I used to pay for in the past, it was whenever I ignored my gut feeling.

Though I could feel the tug in my heart and heard the alarm bells ring in my head, I sometimes just ignored it and hoped whatever it was I felt, was wrong and I prayed against it. That was me foolishly ignoring the tell-tale signs God was showing me that I was headed in the wrong direction.

Suffice it to say that when we pray, most times, we don’t just get clear-cut answers. Instead, we get signs with God taking us by the hand and guiding us in the direction we should go but we choose to let go of His hand and go the opposite direction.

Now, one may wonder, “If a woman’s gut feeling is never wrong, then how come she still acts naïve or gullible?” Well, saying we could be naïve or gullible is not wrong especially when we are in love. We stubbornly refuse to heed the tingling of our sixth sense or continuous tugging on our hearts when something is not right.

We want to believe that he can be better. Even if it kills us to be in that relationship, no matter the gravity of misdeeds he has done to us, we continuously tell ourselves, “I love him”, “He didn’t mean to hit me; he didn’t mean to cheat on me; he will change” etc.

While sometimes our courage in the face of our rejected love is admired, we forget there is a thin line between irrationality and congruity. We seek out the best in people even if they turn around and stab us in the back, we believe somewhere in that evil heart, there is a bit of good and we strive to reach that speck of good.

All these we do while ignoring our sixth sense which has been tingling severely.

Intuition is the language in which the heart speaks that reason may not stand to comprehend. It is always on the alert and ready to set off the alarm bells should something feel off. It is more or less the first line of defence we have and this is supposed to guard and protect us from hurt.

In ignorance or refusal to heed to the warning signs of this sense to be careful, to take a step back, to pause a while, not to take the plunge just yet, we end up getting hurt and soaking our pillows with tears. Well, whose fault is it?

Why do you think most times mothers are quick to warn their children about some certain things – friends, spouse-to-be, business etc.? They are not soothsayers, they may not have the gift of seeing into the future but they have honed their intuitive sense so much so that they are quick to sense it’s tingling and they heed its warning.

Though as women, we are emotional beings and have to realize that love and reason must go hand-in-hand. It just has to be that way. Love is never blind but on the contrary, it sees clearly. We were given our intellectual/cognitive faculty for a reason.

So while it is great to love, trust and even awesome to want to give your heart to another completely, in all you do, NEVER ignore your intuitive sense. God gave it to you for a reason. Your sixth sense is like a guiding light and it will never lead you wrong.

When it gives you a warning signal, heed it and not try to rationalize. As a woman, this is one of your greatest and strongest powers. If you listen to it, you will hardly make wrong decisions. Today’s woman is smart and attentive to her feelings. She is particular about her happiness and guards it jealously. Knowing her worth boosts her confidence level and she knows she doesn’t have to beg to be loved. In her humble, caring and loving nature, she knows she is a blessing to the world and with this, she goes about living her life happily.

The question is – ARE YOU TODAY’S WOMAN?


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