Many a time, we have used short cuts to achieve a lot of things. Either we take shorter routes to get to a far destination or we use technology to accomplish what would normally take us longer periods or even more so, we make use of teamwork to attain our set goal.

Although it is totally doable to take shortcuts while trying to achieve our goals, (we do it every time) when it comes to life, this concept does not exist because the reality is that there are no short cuts in real life at least not within the concept of a happy and productive life.

For every goal we set out to achieve in life, there are designed paths or routes we MUST follow to reach them because there are a number of milestones that must be hit before proceeding to the next stage.

It is important you cherish every step of your life’s journey, instead of trying so hard to use short cuts to achieve your goals. The reason is at the end of the day, your greatest achievement is not necessarily reaching the finish line but who you are transformed into the course of your journey.

It is the little moments of your life that sum up to become your entire life’s story. Don’t see any of them as a waste. The more difficult the challenge, the harder the transformation, the best you will become.

You are a lot stronger than you think. Stop selling yourself short when you are meant for greater things.

Remember, nothing in life is a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, so for every challenge you encounter, face it head on and make it your mission to overcome it so you can unlock the prize that has been kept for you.

PHOTO CREDIT: 99% Invisible

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