Networking has been over-flogged. The general perception in today’s work culture is that you will advance only based on who you know so the more High Net-worth Individuals you know, the better for your growth. Right?

Don’t get me wrong, networking is key to moving up and ‘who you know’ is always a big plus however, let’s not forget that it is equally important to work on ‘what you know’.  In a previous article, we discussed how one must take a step further than networking in order to get ahead. In this article, we’ll speak about the importance of using what you already have to get what you want.

Here, we’ll be discussing the need to use the network around you to expand your net worth.

  1. Collaboration breeds expansion

Collaboration has several perks. Some of which include: increased awareness and shared costs. Just recently, a friend carried out a shopper party; it wouldn’t be her first shopper party however, this time around, she would be collaborating with a footwear brand. She managed to pull in the largest crowd she had ever pulled as she wasn’t relying on her customer base alone but those of her partner as well. At the end of the day, they both benefited as both their parties had introduced their designs to a brand new audience.

Where collaboration might not be an option for a brand above us, it is usually welcome by brands on the same level whose primary focus often is to grow and increase awareness about their brands. Collaboration helps with this objective.

     2. It reduces delay

Where most people wait until they have that opportunity to meet their ideal sponsor, mentor or expert; nothing gets done during this time. In fact, if you have no body of work to put forward, you wind up coming across as ill-prepared. Networking across will give you some first-hand experience on what to expect when networking with people who are above where we’re at in our mode of thinking or achievement. In the process, we’ll also spend less time worrying about catching our big break with the ideal expert and more time working on our craft and thinking up solutions with others involved. 2 heads they say, are better than 1.

    3. The thirst is real

Someone on similar levels to you is just as hungry to grow their business as you are. Ideally, the person to whom you’re looking up has already grown theirs. This is important to note because people tend to go harder at something where the passion is a lot more intense than when they feel comfortable with where they’re at.

If you haven’t been networking across and making full use of the utilities you have in your corner, you definitely ought to try doing that. Growth is a step-by-step process but understand that it is absolutely possible when you put your mind to it and partner up with people who are equally as committed. That is major key!

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