When we leave earth to come back no more. One certain thing is that we will be remembered for our attitude, presence, words, and actions that left a pleasant fragrance or putrid stench.

In order to establish a great legacy, there needs to be a need to put in intentional effort every day.

This is what becomes our legacy. It could be legacy for doing productive work, showering love, joy in the midst of difficulty, encouraging and inspiring others towards greatness.

This brings us to reflect on the life and times of Ibidunni Ighodalo, founder of the Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation who after several doctors’ appointments was told that she and her husband, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo wouldn’t have children unless they sought treatment through assisted reproduction.

In her words “This period of delay also came with pressure and a lot of insensitivity from people to our situation. I also had to deal with the emotions, pain and the roller-coaster hormonal imbalance that comes with all sorts of treatments .Thankfully, I am married to an amazing man who has been there for me through all the procedures; unflinching in his support.”

She took a bold step to make a covenant with God and told Him that she would leave it completely in His hands. In the interim, as they  waited for their miracle, she  would help couples going through the same challenges by providing spiritual, financial and psychological support. She was ready to do her part to get rid of the stigma attached to childlessness.

“I wanted people to instead see couples-in-waiting as blessed mothers and fathers of nations!” she had said. This birthed her foundation, Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation.

There definitely had been down times for her and her husband but has succeeded in making lemonades out of her lemons.

Milestones she was able to cover included raising awareness on issues pertaining to fertility and bring hope and joy to many homes.

Her foundation partnered with a number of fertility clinics with high success rates that are willing to help with discounted costs for treatment. She also subsidized other medical bills while raising awareness about fertility issues alongside.

There is no doubt that an angel left the earth, however in all of these, we are consoled that she lived a life worthy of emulation and left a legacy.

What will be your legacy?

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