Branding seems like a big word, huh? When you think about what its application in your business will do, it seems like a pleasant to do and not necessarily, a need to have. The good news is that you can actually get good branding without going bankrupt.

Have a ‘way out of the world’ website

Your website or blog needs to be captivating and engaging. Leave your clients spell-bound. The layout and theme of your website will will also be attraction  factor for those who need your service . Ensure to use a good colour tone. It’s tempting to go crazy with design, using different color schemes or fonts — be careful not to over-complicate it. Simplicity is always better.

Be the go-to-girl

Constantly create content in your chosen area of specialisation. Make it insanely engaging and ensure to have it on your social media handles.

Planning is everything

Map out a strategy on your proposed plans on promoting your brand. It could be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly. She who does not plan, plans to fail.

Be consistent

Consistency is your key to gaining visibility. Consistency is important for making progress, doing better work, getting in shape and achieving some level of success on your path to getting branded. It is easier said than done but being devoted to it will provide awesome results.


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