I don’t think there is anyone who finds untidiness and uncleanliness attractive. Often times, a lot of us push others away not because we do not have interesting personalities or good character but due to the fact that we often look unkempt and scattered.

If there is one thing every woman is supposed to take very seriously, it is her hygiene, after all, cleanliness is next to godliness, right? Our appearance goes a long way to tell much about our personalities and it determines who we attract to ourselves.

You MUST take smashing good care of yourself at all times. You must always look your best. You must always be spot-on. 

  • Take a proper bath
  • Get rid of all odours (body and mouth)
  • Use the right cosmetics as it agrees with your skin colour.
  • Use good body sprays and nice perfumes
  • Have a good dress sense. Dress elegantly, classy, intelligently and smart
  • Make sure your undies are 100% clean at all times
  • Your wardrobe should at all times be arranged. Take good care of your clothes, shoes, bags and all your stuff.
  • Care for your hair (here’s a teeny-weeny secret: guys most times love natural hair than artificial. Even if you get to fix weave or wear braids, be sure to take great care of your natural hair and often flaunt it. No matter the weave or braid, your natural hair fits you perfectly).
  • Care for your nails. Make them short, trim, neat and clean. If you must grow your nails, make them nice. Shape them nicely, keep them neat and clean. Use lovely and not-so-loud nail polish that again goes with your skin colour.
  • Look amazing.
  • Eat right and keep fit.

Remember that exterior looks can only do so much. If you are dirty, no matter how fashionably dressed you appear to be, something would always give you away – brown teeth, dirty nails, unpolished shoes, rumpled clothes etc. and these tell a lot about you and your respect for yourself.

It may not be something you even take note of. Guys have really keen eyes and they are very observant. They may not say it, but they note it down and when you do not get a call for a second date, you wonder why the guy fled.

Guys love ladies who are clean. Sometimes, these guys themselves are disorganized but they look out for the cleanliness and neatness in a woman. Ironic, right?

But do not be deceived, guys could be neat and clean, sometimes to the extreme. They take cleanliness seriously and so you should. You can imbibe the culture of cleanliness. As humans, we strive to get rid of our vices while we improve on our virtues and we thank God for his grace which makes this possible for us for our souls. Now, let’s apply the same for our bodies and appearance.

Just be who you are and take great care of yourself. You don’t only get to feel soooooo good about yourself, you will get the “turning heads” you want. Then you will realize that even an ugly duckling (which you are not), can be turned into a beautiful swan.

PHOTO CREDIT: Medical News Today

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