Using a malfunctioning or loosing your phone can be a pain in the neck. Come to think of it, It is your most cherished buddy, ‘fun house’ and mobile office. So, it’s quite impossible that you will do anything to damage it. All, at least thats your thought but you have been doing otherwise.

Here are few ways you have been killing your phone;


Trust issues?No, Space issues,Yes!

Smartphones have precious little storage space. Unless you use an Android phone and use SD cards intelligently, you can quickly fill up those devices until they don’t work. You might be unaware that your phone is working without an SD card until the device starts  malfunctioning. Without enough storage space, the device simply won’t function. Monitor the space on your device and if possible, use SD cards.


Using a wrong USB charger

Ensure to a USB  charger that is standardised and tends to stable the flow of voltage delivered to your phone. Avoid using chargers that input excess or depleted amount of voltage and current to your smartphone. In as much as this may seem harmless, it could lead to overheating of your phone battery and eventually poor ability of your phone battery to retain charge.


Your phone is not water-friendly

If your smartphone is not water-resistant. You might be surprised that even the slightest bit of water can do irreparable damage to a smartphone. This means if you use your device for outdoor activities, be sure to put the device in a waterproof case or pouch.Having a screen guard over your phone screen is a good one too.


Your phone is no friend of Rihanna's

Your phone is not built to work all-round like Rihanna’s work presumes. Your smartphones work, and work, and work, and work. More often than not, these devices work better than our desktops and laptops. Thing is, even these remarkably stable mobile platforms need to be given a rest. At least once a week, reboot that device or (even better) shut it down for 30 minutes or so.



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