A number of times, we have lost ideas because we refused to act on them. An idea seed may have been planted in the fertile soil of our minds but because we are either too lazy to nurture this seed or due to procrastination, we lose that which may have been a breakthrough for us.

It is often said that no idea occurs to one person alone but it is those who act on theirs that write their names in the history of time.

Even if an already existing idea occurs to you, act on it still. One thing is certain – No two persons can work out an idea the same way. Due to our different and unique personalities, we are capable of tweaking these ideas to become originals.

Why are there so many shoes, bags, clothes etc in the world today? They were not all created by one person but each had its own unique touch to their brand.

A good example is Louboutin shoes, owned by the French fashion designer, Christian Louboutin. His high-end stiletto footwear incorporates shiny, red-lacquered soles that have become his signature and this makes his shoes stand out from others.

Burberry brand can easily be identified by its cream background with check designs. Channel has its unique logo. Other designers like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani etc. may all have similar products in same industry such as makeup, perfumes, bags, shoes, wears etc, but each stands out because of its unique tweak to the general idea they may all have had.

Stop losing ideas because you think the competition is much. You never know if that your unique signature is what would make your brand stand out.

Focus on doing you and less on what the competition is doing. Explore that idea and bless the world with it. That idea seed was sown in your heart for a reason. Find out that purpose and live it out.

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