The term, ‘soft skills,’ is one we are all familiar with, especially on our CVs or resumes while applying for jobs. These are skills you possess, that though are very important, may not specifically be essential for the particular job role you may be applying for.

Often times, we are mostly carried away with trying to look really suitable for the job position, that we pay no mind to these seemingly unimportant skills, which may eventually turn out to be what makes you stand out from other applicants.

Especially for first-time job seekers or graduates with no experience of the industry, soft skills may just be your fall back plan on convincing that employer on why you should be hired.

So, in what ways can these soft skills help in a job application?

  • Be specific and smart. Sometimes, your soft skills can be easily converted into hard skills depending on how relevant it is to the job description. A good example is a Customer Service Agent job. A soft skill you can emphasize here would be your great command of spoken English and how good you are at winning people over with your speech. With this, you have successfully converted your soft skill of being a good talker to a hard skill needed for the Customer Service job.
  • Maximally utilise your cover letter. This letter is the only real opportunity to showcase your personality to the potential employer because your CV or resume is basically all about your qualifications, past jobs, and references. Hence, it is of the utmost importance that you construct a cover letter that implies explicitly, all your indirect skills. Build your character and persona in such a way that the reader can clearly visualise with their mind’s eye. With a lot of your soft skills highlighted in your cover letter, leaves your application to be precise and decluttered. Most employers like this.
  • Be personal. Using your experiences, your soft skills may help you better accentuate the fact that you can be a team player, dependable problem solver or open to learning new things.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your soft skills. They always come in handy.


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