Man meets Woman, they like each other and become friends. Feelings develop and with time they fall in love with each other and then get married. Sometimes, all is rosy and cosy and there is a smooth sail but at other times, the boat is rocky on the stormy seas and it seems scary. One of the very common and very important parts of relationships or marriage is communication. While this cannot be overemphasized enough, another aspect people easily overlook is their emotional wealth.

Marriage or relationships need more than just “I love you” to survive. Both parties have to be emotionally invested in each other to make it work. Here are some tips:

  • Regards: As a couple, one of your key investments should be in your show of appreciation for each other on a daily basis. Too often, this aspect in a relationship or marriage is ignored. It may not be intentional but its impacts are always felt hard, nonetheless. Unappreciation builds resentment and this affects the relationship or marriage in more ways than you can imagine. Learn to acknowledge those small gestures from your partner.
  • Endearment: Holding hands, hugs, cuddles are just some of the key ways to show affections for each other. You may think this insignificant but it holds more power than you would expect. Research has shown that these tiny, yet highly significant show of emotions is a great relationship/marriage booster.
  • Talk about stress: Some days are good, some not so good and others bad. How you show understanding to your partner on those not so good days or bad days, goes a long way in how you enjoy the very good days. Discussing stress should be a norm in your relationship because it is a healthy therapy to help alleviate it. Any kind of stress – emotional, physical, mental, social etc should be discussed because it helps the couple better understand each other.
  • Celebrating the wins: No matter how small or big, always celebrate your wins. Life in itself is stressful enough and so any opportunity to celebrate anything should be welcomed. Celebrating good news breeds for positivity in marriage or relationship. It shows teamwork and acknowledgement of each other’s effort in different aspects of life.

Emotionally wealthy couples have shown to have longer, sweeter and more enjoyable marriages. Build your emotional bank and join this happy list of couples.

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