“Suck it up and just endure till you get something better,” is something you easily hear people say to others who complain about not loving the jobs that they do. It’s bad enough to not find your work fun but when the workplace is a toxic environment – whether a nasty boss, offensive office politics, dramatic co-workers, it’s even worse.

The first option may be to quit but do you have something else to fall back on? How will the bills be paid? Not everyone is lucky enough to have the job of their dreams. So when in this situation, how do you stick it out until something better comes your way?

Here are some tips:

No matter how little, hang on to the positives

At this point, losing your spirit and all motivation wouldn’t do you any good. Instead, focus on the positives around you. Take advantages of any training or personal development opportunities and enhance your skillset. See this job as a means to a better one, more like a stepping stone. Don’t be too emotional or in a hurry to leave. Make sure you learn all there is to learn and you are well equipped for your next job before you quit.

Create An Exit Strategy

You are not a tree. This particular job is just one of the many you may have to go through. Don’t be afraid to leave when the time is right. Condition your mind to know that this job is just for a period and that something better awaits you. Your time here is just to let you learn a thing or two that would come in handy for you in the future. Always have the end goal in mind. Where do you see yourself in a couple of years? Let that picture help you create your exit strategy.

Build Boundaries

Let your yes be yes and no be no. Don’t become a doormat or a pushover because you are trying to win favours with the higher-ups. Learn to say no when you mean no. Boundaries are healthy for everyone. It goes to show work is work and your personal time is your personal time. It helps you realise that you need to first take care of yourself before the job. After all, health is wealth, right? Go for your lunch breaks. Leave when it is time to go home. Leave work at work and live your life outside of work.

Surround yourself with positive energy
In that workspace assigned to you, fill it with so many positive vibes that you won’t feel affected with the negativity and toxicity around you. Put up posters or motivational words that are soothing and relaxing to you. Put up pictures of your loved ones. Post positive quotes as your desktop wallpaper. The goal here is to constantly remind yourself that your job is just that – a job and you live a happy life outside of it.

Remain authentic
Do not let the job use you so much so that you are transformed into this stranger you can’t recognise each time you look yourself in the mirror. Remain true to yourself and don’t lose yourself in the job. Don’t sacrifice your values and identity because you are trying to survive in that toxic environment. Destroying yourself in the process is never worth it because your job is just that – a job but your life outside of it exists too. Don’t be one person in the office and another, outside of it. Be original always.

Relieve stress
To survive this period, always look for outlets to relieve stress. Go for walks, go for lunch with friends, engage in healthy positive activities that take your mind off work, read a quotes book. Whatever is good and positive that can help you ease off steam, indulge in it. This would not only keep you rejuvenated but recharged always.

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