You’re nodding along as the other person talks to you about something. She might be an acquaintance you bumped into or someone you’ve met for the first time. And as the other person finishes talking, she waits for you to say something. Then, it happens.

Have you ever found your self conversing, then all of a sudden, your mouth goes try and you are at a loss on how to keep the conversation going?

I bet you wondered about what went wrong. You know you are not a boring person but you just can’t fathom how that occurred. The deal is that situation like that really do occur maybe because of your state of mind, environment or emotions at the time.

Dealing with this the next time you feel it crop up in this manner will help a whole lot.

One of the best ways you can make a conversation transition seamlessly from one topic to another is to subtly shift the conversation so that the topic is still relevant, but fresh.

Even if the other individual speaks endlessly on one topic but just briefly mentions something else, you can use this to shift to a different topic. Doing so brings about more conversation in an unsurprising manner because the other person mentioned it first.

Ask about them too. To each person, they are the centre of their own universe. Every day, they focus on their hopes, dreams, and fears. If you can tap into these and get the other person expressing how they feel towards you, it’ll not only keep the conversation going, but it’ll allow them to feel a deeper sense of connection with you.

Make observations about your surroundings. You can make a comment about the weather, the food or compliment something the other person is wearing. The conversation doesn’t have to simply be about that one thing, but can be used as a springboard for related topics.

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