I stared at my colleague with tired eyes.

“We are going on a protest,” It dropped like a time bomb for her. Her eyes widened in anticipation for more information.

I chuckled, “You need to chill. We are only going to meet God to appeal to him that we need 48 hours in a day.” She grasped where my jocularity was headed.

Time is a fleeting image of a lover’s silhouette. If you are constantly wondering where your 24 hours went or wishing that you could add four more hours to at least one of your days. Then you are reading the right post. Here are few hacks that can literally gift you a couple of hours back.

Leave the close of work as what it is 

One of the most challenging things about having a salaried job is you can easily stay at work 2-3 hours after the time you’re scheduled to go home. But while you’re still sitting at your desk, just think about all the errands you can run or how much of your house you can clean.

Cook for the week during weekends 

You’ve probably told yourself that you’re gonna do this and just never did. But trust me—if you cook on the weekends while you’re binge-watching one of your favourite shows, not only will it save you time during the week but it’s healthier. Just think about it—you won’t be wasting money on fattening fast food, which means cooking for the week also saves you money too!

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