Finding the right hair stylist can be tiring at times especially when you have too many stylists in your local. Another frustrating process is, separating the ones who really know their jobs from others who just stumbled on this career part. You do not want to imagine taking your hair to an amateur only for her to get it damaged or you walking out with an accidental bob, botched bangs, uneven fringe and probably some tears.

People find new stylists for different reasons either they just moved to a new area, or their previous stylist moved to a different location. In other to prevent situations like this, below are ways to help you find the perfect stylist.

Ask around don’t depend on social media alone:

Although, social media is being regarded as the new word of mouth it is still very advisable to ask other people living in that local especially when you are a new resident. Social media can be used as a followup to check their works out and you can search through the business handle or use hashtags to see everything concerning the business.

Book a blow out:

A blowout is just a careful method of drying hair to achieve a desired look. Each section of hair is manipulated to get the smoothest and well-formed finish possible. Blowouts are easily the simplest thing any hairdresser can do and they cost very little. After you have settled for a stylist, going for a blowout should be used as a test run to see how careful, skilled and customer service oriented the stylist is.

Do some research by asking questions:

Years of experience isn’t everything. Some stylists have all their credentials hung on the wall because this gives a sense of peace and comfort to customers. Also, asking the important questions can be helpful to know if your stylist is passionate about their job. Asking about hair trends helps you to know how current and up to date that stylist is.

Ask specific questions about what they are really good at, what a good hair routine should be and finally their price range. You don’t want to end up owing your new stylist that’s a wrong impression.

Please drop comments about your worst hair date (if you have had any) in the comment section.

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