The line between what is tolerable and what is not has become blurry. As if it was a pencil stroke upon which we have repeatedly rubbed a finger. On the other hand, each one of us has the ability and the obligation to set our own limits. Nevertheless, it is true that on many occasions we find ourselves doubting whether something has exceeded or not the limit of respect within a relationship.

If someone disrespects you, you must set limits and protect yourself from aggression.  Regardless of whether these are direct or indirect. You were not put on this earth to endure aggression (no matter how disguised it is). Let alone when you have done nothing wrong to deserve it . Let’s remember that we cannot control the way everyone behaves. But what we can do is learn how to establish our limits and the consequences for people who cross them.

Therefore, it is essential to make very clear what we will and what we will not tolerate within a relationship. This applies to relationships with our friends, acquaintances, co-workers, family. Let’s make an effort to listen to the signs our own bodies send us when someone is crossing our limits.

Our bodies are wise and will always warn us when respect towards us is being violated. Listening to our bodies and being aware of them is our task.

If we don’t set limits, we are allowing other people to harm us

There are many ways in which we allow others to disrespect us. There are also ways in which we send signals “inviting” them to do so. For example, when someone has made a comment about us and we feel very uncomfortable with it. Instead of letting the other person know how we feel, we conceal and silence our feelings. We keep them in our private backpack of saved grudges. This way, we turn their disrespect into our own personal poison.

So how do you demand and keep the respect you deserve?

  • Be a responsible human.
  • Don’t put yourself in compromising situations.
  • Set limits and boundaries in relationships.
  • Communicate when you sense disrespect.
  • Don’t water it down when you really don’t have to.

Let’s not fool ourselves – we don’t deserve anyone’s disrespect.

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